Offer your customers a comprehensive suite of products

  • Tyre & Wheel Insurance

    Avoid expensive tyre and wheel repairs and replacements with cover for one or three years. Includes towing to a place of safety or nearest repairer.

    • Covers two tyres and one wheel per year
    • One-off premium
    • No excess payable.
  • Loan Protection Insurance

    If life doesn't go according to plan, choose to hand your vehicle to the insurer and/or claim up to six months' payment relief, up to $15,000. Cover includes:

    • Involuntary unemployment
    • Disability
    • International job transfer .
  • Platinum Warranty Insurance

    Protect your vehicle with Platinum Warranty Insurance that provides cover similar to your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty for up to seven years and enjoy peace of mind knowing this policy could save you thousands of dollars in mechanical repairs.

    • Various options based on driving patterns
    • Covers most items in the original warranty
  • Total Assist Insurance

    Total Assist provides a cash benefit of up to $5,000 to help with replacing personal items (like laptops and mobile phones) if your vehicle is declared a total loss, or help cover costs associated with replacing your vehicle.

    • Up to 5 years protection
    • One upfront premium, no excess.